About Us


We Are Passionate About Cannabis

Mainstream cannabis culture has evolved into a highly curated experience for our guests. It’s about more than just buying weed. Every aspect of our store design speaks to our desire to bring people of all lifestyles together to enjoy cannabis the New Standard way. Blending the relaxation of cannabis with our elevated touch, we developed our culture to provide informative experiences with our budtenders.

New Standard is inviting and comfortable for both the connoisseur and the newcomer. Our unique and vast product collection is pivotal for a personalized and memorable cannabis journey. We are inviting everyone to join.

We are a team of friendly professionals with a hunger for knowledge. Our store is welcoming, just like our staff. We’re on a mission to open minds, whether you are new to the cannabis experience, or you are deeply embedded in the cannabis culture and looking for something new to try. Whatever your journey looks like, we got you.

What our customers think


  • Jisselle Vides
    I cannot recommend this place enough. The staff were super, super friendly, thank you! So knowledgeable and eager to answer any questions. The selection was great, the store itself had a high end feel and I am happy with my purchase.
    Jisselle Vides
    5-Star Google Review, November 2020
  • Beth girl
    Nice clean facility, the employees are really friendly and helpful. Great specials and selection.
    Beth girl
    5-Star Google Review, November 2020
  • Matt Palmer
    Clean, professional and knowledgeable. Came in with little knowledge, left with a bag of edibles and joints. Highly recommended.
    Matt Palmer
    5-Star Google Review, December 2020
  • ConsiousGaia
    I went to New Standard this morning for the first time. I have been to just about every dispo in the Detroit area and the name “New Standard” was very fitting for this place. It has completely set a new bar on my standards of what a dispensary should be like.
    5-Star Weedmaps Review, July 2020
  • Scoobastrobert
    I visited this new dispensary for the first time the other day. Ordered online and was texted back right away. I was greeted by a friendly staff. Jaclynn was very kind and made me feel welcomed. The Cherry Star really did the job I was looking for. Fast service and good bud? Thank you I will be back!!!!!!!!!!!!
    5-Star Weedmaps Review, June 2020
  • Robert J
    Gotta give a five to these guys/GIRLS, the bud is good and fairly priced, the people are friendly. It took me no time at all to place the order and pick it up, even in a mask you can see the smiles, hahahaha. Great job !!
    Robert J
    5-Star Google Review, July 2020
  • Andre Carey
    Excellent service. We called and they were super friendly and informative. In from NY. They had the best atmosphere and on display selection of anyplace we went on the city and i will be here EVERY time i visit!
    Andre Carey
    5-Star Google Review, July 2020
  • Zacc Of Jupiter
    Full disclosure, I have never been to another cannabis store, but I am blown away! Everything is so nice looking and the staff is incredibly warm and welcoming while still giving you time and space to look. I will return here over and over and over. Please keep doing exactly what you are doing!
    Zacc Of Jupiter
    5-Star Google Review, June 2020