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Yes, it is still beneficial to maintain your MMMP ID Card as you will avoid the extra 10% sales tax that applies to recreational use products. Plus, it gives you an extra 15% off our marijuana products.

The short answer is no. All cannabis products in our store are available for medical use and recreational use.

No problem! Anyone over 21 with a valid ID is allowed to purchase recreational cannabis products.

Cell phone use of any kind is not permitted on the shop floor, but our living room is fair game.

We love pets, but we can only admit registered service animals.

Your purchase is yours to enjoy privately in the State of Michigan. Although we can understand your enthusiasm, it is still illegal to consume cannabis in public. You can freely gift cannabis to your friends who are 21 and up, which is nice. You cannot sell it, that is illegal.

You can purchase up to 2.5oz of cannabis per day with a total limit of 10oz every 30 days. You can legally possess 2.5oz on your person in public or in your vehicle.

No. New Standard offers both Adult Use sales for over 21+ and medical cardholders. To purchase from our Medical menu, please bring a valid medical marijuana patient card along with a government-issued ID with you when you visit. We accept valid medical cards issued by other states with a Medical Marijuana program. We can also accept emails confirming Michigan medical cards, within 10 days of receipt.

If you are not currently licensed as a medical marijuana patient and would like to become one, please give us a buzz or shoot us an email for more information. We can give you a referral.

New Standard is currently cash-only. On-site ATM access is available.