5 Ways To Unwind With Cannabis

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May 1, 2020

For most of us, Spring and Summer of 2020 have been remarkable for the amount of change they have brought into our lives. Whether it’s adjusting to a smaller world, keeping the kids busy and happy, navigating the challenges of working from home or learning how to socialize with friends and family in a virtual capacity, it’s been a boring, stressful and anxious time. But this past year has also brought opportunities to reflect, slow down and rediscover life’s simpler pleasures. It’s taught us valuable lessons about ourselves, reminded us of the things that really matter and encouraged us to take time to really look after each other. And whether you are a novice or connoisseur, cannabis can be an amazing tool for making those all-important moments of self-care even more restorative. Let’s take a look.

#1 Revisit a classic

One of the joys of rediscovering a classic book or film is how they reveal more of themselves to you with every visit – comfortingly familiar and yet somehow new, revealing new facets to appreciate that you hadn’t noticed. Cannabis’ ability to heighten your experience of aesthetic appreciation is well-known but it’s even more special and intimate when you’re appreciating something you know and love that’s already laced with memory and meaning. You’ll be reminded of why you fell in love with a particular work in the first place and find subtle new ways to appreciate its artistry that you might not have noticed without marijuana.


If you are using edibles before diving into that book, film or TV series, make sure to consume them at least thirty minutes before settling in as the effect takes time to be felt.

#2. Go for a walk

Getting outside and getting exercise is more important than ever and walking has been shown to have huge cognitive benefits beyond just getting some air and burning a few calories. With the help of cannabis, the simple pleasures of a stroll even in a familiar setting can be richly rewarding and take you far beyond the physical distance you cover. You don’t have to go far to rediscover the joy of birdsong or to appreciate a neighbor’s garden or simply marvel at the passing clouds. Weed can help adjust your mood, awaken your senses and let you see the world with new eyes – even if it’s just around the block.


If the sounds of your environment cause more stress than relaxation, make your walk more immersive by listening to some soft, melodic music that draws you even deeper into the experience and drowns out unwelcome distractions.

#3. Host a cannabis dinner party

As life has slowed down and gotten quieter, the opportunity for great conversation has increased. Weed can help free us to hear, think and express ourselves in new ways and be even more receptive to difference – in short it makes for memorable and inspired socializing. So why not invite a group of your most interesting friends for dinner with a selection of edibles, smokes and tinctures as part of the menu? Bring together a diverse group of people with different interests or from different facets of your life and let cannabis fuel some inspired connections. Good music and a few games are a great way to enhance the shared mood and moment you’re creating. (Cards Against Humanity never fails!)


If you’re feeling adventurous, make cannabis part of the meal itself. There are many good marijuana-based cookbooks to add some magic to your menu.

#4. Head into the wild

Marijuana is plant medicine so it’s no surprise that it can make appreciating the natural world into a truly profound experience. Smoke or vape some cannabis or consume it in an edible to make a long hike, a day on the lake or a quiet moment by a firepit in your garden and find a new level of beauty and majesty in all that Michigan has to offer. All that’s missing are some home-made s’mores…


Whether you are thinking of making some old-fashioned graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallow treats or perhaps a version of this childhood classic infused with cannabis, it’s a good idea to have your ingredients ready beforehand. Searching through your camping gear is probably the least fun part of camping – especially in an altered state of mind.

#5. Broaden your cannabis palate

If you are already someone who’s familiar with marijuana use and enjoyment for its own sake, there’s never been more opportunity to enjoy it in new ways. Whether it’s pre-rolls, fruit-flavored gummies and chocolates or more adventurous formats like badder, flake, crumble or tinctures and concentrates – there are myriad rituals for enjoyment waiting for you and each offers a unique way to enhance your state of mind. Speak to your budtender who can help you branch out and discover new forms of appreciation.


When trying cannabis in a new format, start with low doses so you do not over do it.

However you choose to unwind, New Standard is here to help. We got you.

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