Staff Spotlight: Natalia

Higher Education
June 3, 2020

When you walk into a store, you should feel a certain vibe. A tone. A sense of something. And one of the main vehicles of that feeling comes from the store’s employees.

At New Standard, our employees are what set us apart and move us forward. They set the standard, if you will, for your experience in our store. Would you want to hang out with them? Smoke with them?

We hope the answer is yes.

Meet Natalia Cardenas, who recently began her career at New Standard. We think she’s great and we hope you agree.


NS: Share a little bit about your background and what brought you to the cannabis industry

Natalia: The service industry is my background, but unfortunately with Covid-19, that industry took a dive. The restaurant I was a part of closed its doors for sit-down dining. In the midst of this pandemic, my partner pushed me to look for other employment options. I made a choice to expand my horizons. I realized New Standard had opened up just a short distance from my house. I decided to put both feet in the cannabis industry and I can say that New Standard is truly the best company I have worked for.

NS: What do like best about being a member of the New Standard team?

Natalia: The thing that strikes me most about the team at New Standard is the dedication and consistent hard work that everyone puts in. Never before have I worked for a company that sees the potential in everyone and strives to nurture that and bring each individuals talent to fruition. New Standard is setting the tone for cannabis culture. It isn’t something to hide from your friends and family; it is something that is used to enlighten ourselves; to meditate. It’s for your mental well-being.

NS: If you could share one thing that you wish others new about cannabis, what would it be?

Natalia: I think the thing most people don’t understand is that cannabis is subjective. How it affects me is going to be completely different than how it affects you. We need to share that cannabis is unique to each person and his or her personal experience.

I would also like people to know that there should be an open conversation about dosing edibles and how to properly consume them. Most folks I talk to don’t know that they need to eat WITH their edibles for them to properly activate.

NS: Do you have a favorite product to share?

Natalia: My favorite product is sativa, as I feel it caters to my artistic tendencies and offers great focus and a plethora of endless ideas. So, I like Wana Sativa Mango Gummies and Apothecare Jet Fuel.

NS: What is your favorite place to experience cannabis?

Natalia: I like experiencing cannabis in front of an open canvas. Basically, I enjoy it most in nature. In front of a beautiful lake or in a forest.

NS: You are in the weed business. What do your parents think?

Natalia: To be honest, my parents – who immigrated here to live the “American Dream” – are just happy I found something to be passionate about. They have always said that if you find something you love, you never work a day in your life. So, I’m blessed that I have open minded parents who understand the benefits of cannabis. They have embraced it and want to learn more.

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