Staff Spotlight: Sonya

Higher Education
February 3, 2021

Every product has a learning curve; cannabis is no different.

And for those new to cannabis, it can be daunting to learn more about it and how it can help. Enter: Our expert staff. We don’t just use cannabis – we study it. Grow it. It’s our passion and our drive.

So, when you talk to one of our employees, it isn’t like a typical retail shop where you are talking to someone who is there to make a paycheck. Our employees walk the walk and know New Standard products inside and out.

It’s that extra sparkle of knowledge; that expertise that sets New Standard apart from the rest.

You can trust them because they are steeped in the cannabis world.

Meet Sonya Kachinskaya, who has made it her mission to learn all she can about cannabis so she can share her knowledge with you.

NS: Let’s start with your background. What brought you to the cannabis industry?

SK: I am from a country where people don’t really use cannabis, so I only had a little idea of what it was when I moved to the U.S. for school. In time, I learned how cannabis (and its prohibition) affected American life and culture and I wanted to learn more. So, I did. Then, I learned a bit more. And a bit more. Over time, my knowledge base has expanded, to where I’ve learned about the plant itself, and then I discovered I had a green thumb so I taught myself to grow cannabis. After that, it all kind of clicked. I love biology; I love the community we are serving. I also love the friends I work with, and I love the challenges.

NS: What is your favorite part of being a member of the New Standard team?

SK: I can’t name just one thing: I love my team! We have a lot of fun together, and work on something we find purposeful at the same time. Isn’t it a dream?! I also love talking to plants (that isn’t weird, right?), and there is no lack of beautiful plants to talk to.

NS: What do you wish everyone knew about cannabis?

SK: It is not all about potency! When people shop for cannabis, they often look at how high they can get. But I would recommend a different approach. I want my customers to look at how beautiful a bud is, how it smells, how it tastes and what underlining moods and thoughts it brings to your life. It’s a whole experience; a journey.

NS: What is your favorite product?

SK: Hands down, I love Beaverton Farms’ Orange Kush Mints #11. Just majestic.

NS: What is your favorite place to experience cannabis?

SK: I apologize for being a dull introvert, but my couch. I arrange a board of favorite snacks (carrots, hummus, chips, edamame, ice cream, cashews and pistachios!), turn on a movie and spark a little something.

NS: You’re in the ‘weed’ business…what do your parents think?

SK: My parents are doctors, so they understand the difference between cannabis and other substances used recreationally. So, no judgment there. I think they were upset for a minute that I didn’t pursue academia like I planned originally, but they support my desire to work with something related to health and natural science. However, I think my grandmother lies to her girlfriends and tells them I am in PR or something.

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