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Roll up and spark up – perfectly packed joints are the timeless way to appreciate cannabis flower.

Sometimes the old ways are best. Our pre-rolls are available individually or in multi-packs to give you a perfect measure, a clean burn and a fun way to explore different flower varieties.

Travel Light

Say goodbye to uneven burns, toasted fingers, and ash all over your clothes and sofa. Rolling is an art that we’ve mastered for you – with a focus on a smooth pull, discretion, and ease. So ditch the papers, grinder, and ziplock and roll out.

Sample the Goods

From mellow indicas to uplifting sativas, we’ve made some of our most popular strains available in pre-rolls so you can sample our range easily. New pre-roll varieties are added to our shelves daily. Why not try something new every time you stop in.

Set the Vibe

Joints are sociable by nature. Ask one of our budtenders to put together a combination pack and make your next get-together a journey of cannabis appreciation.

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