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At New Standard, we pride ourselves in providing the best assortment of cannabis flower in Michigan. Come to New Standard to enjoy the best this great state has to offer in pure and pungent sativas, indicas and hybrids. If you are looking for something new to pack your bowl with, planning a relaxing evening at home, or heading out for a big night of fun in Detroit, we got you. New Standard’s budtenders will match you with the perfect flower based on your desired taste, aroma, and potency.

The world of cannabis flower is fascinating with strains that can create an endless variety of feelings, sensations and mindsets. Is a euphoric high what you need today, or are you seeking relief from pain and anxiety? Do you need a wholesome way to help you focus on your work or school projects, or has the time to heighten your senses come? There is a strain for you on our shelves. If you are looking for advice, we are here to help. Guiding you to the best cannabis experience you can have has been New Standard’s mission from day one.


Marijuana Strains 101:

In the wild, there are Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa—the two types of marijuana that deliver distinct experiences and possess unique properties. For centuries, growers have been crossing subspecies together to produce hybrid strains that have the best of the two in them. Most of the flower products sold these days are hybrids. Some of them lean into sativas, others — into indicas.

For example, legendary Gorilla Glue #4 is an indica-dominant hybrid strain. Because of its specific DNA, you can get a heavy-handed, euphoric high. It will reduce anxiety and release muscle tension (that’s the indica at work here), but won’t put you to sleep (thanks to the sativa part).

The conditions, in which the plant is grown, also impact the flavor, aroma and overall effect of your flower of choice. There are no two identical growing environments, and each cannabis crop has something unique about it. This is just one reason why our budtenders are continuously educating themselves on the hundreds of products we carry. Drop by New Standard and let us guide you to your next remarkable flower pick.


They all work together: cannabinoids and terpenes

This is one of the most fun parts about the cannabis experience. All the cannabinoids (such as THC, CBD, CBG and over 100 more) and terpenes seamlessly work together when consumed. Cannabinoid contents are different in indica, sativa and hybrid strains, and so are terpene profiles. 

Terpenes are molecules that give plants their smells, and there are hundreds of different terpenes out there! Linalool is what makes lavender essential oil so soothing, and pinene is what a pine tree smells like. A truly wide variety of terpenes can be found in cannabis. They make marijuana even more healing and give a bud its powerful aroma and taste. When specific terpenes join forces with certain cannabinoids, we get our strains: indicas, sativas and hybrids.


Not sure of the differences? Here is some high-level information

   Indica, the chill out bud

Indicas and indica-leaning hybrids are known for creating a very relaxing feeling, allowing the smoker to rest and experience tranquility. It can help decompress and reduce anxiety after a stressful day at work, school or watching the kids. Too much of indica can put you to sleep. If sleeping is not your goal, don’t rush through your joint. 


   Sativa, the energizer pot 

On the other end of the flower spectrum are sativa and sativa hybrids. They are great for a social night out, or when you are looking for extra energy. If you consume too much sativa, it can make you a bit jittery and alarmed. Start slow and stay mindful.


   Hybrids, the balanced weed

Hybrids are just that, a combination of both indica and sativa plants. Find a 50/50 hybrid to get a little bit of both. Hybrids leverage the best of the two combining their properties and effects.


Talk to one of our budtenders to discover which flower type is the right one for you!