Perfectly packed joints - it's how we roll

Pre-rolled joints, a great way to try an assortment of strains

New Standard’s most popular Michigan-grown strains with no assembly required

Pre-rolled joints available individually or in multi-packs

Not good at rolling?

Not everyone is a natural roller; even some of the most seasoned smokers have to take their time with making that perfect joint. Worry not, pre-rolls are a convenient alternative to rolling your own, and are engineered to provide that perfect draw to optimize your smoking experience. Maybe, you are heading out and don’t have time to sit down with a tray? Instead of hauling out your kit of grinders, papers and filters, just grab a few premade joints, and you are on your way.

Want to try multiple strains?

Pre-rolls are a great way to check out a wide variety of strains without blowing your budget. Some of New Standard’s most popular strains are available as pre-rolled joints, from mellow indicas to uplifting sativas. We add new pre-rolls to our shelves daily. Sample a variety to find your new favorite. 

Having a party? 

Pre-rolls are social! They provide an inviting twist for that special event. With such a wide variety of choices and sizes available, there is something for everyone at your next social gathering. Ask one of our budtenders to put together a party pack recommendation for you today!