Tinctures are concentrated cannabis extracts that are taken orally

Why you should you consider cannabis tinctures

Tinctures are THC or CBD concentrates that have been mixed in with a base—plant oil or alcohol—to help a body absorb the cannabinoids quickly. You can put it on or under your tongue, or you can mix it in with your food or drink.


Why tinctures? Precise Dosing

Tinctures are perhaps the easiest to accurately titrate your medicine because you can dispense just a single drop or two. When taking marijuana tinctures directly under the tongue and holding for 15 seconds, cannabinoids are absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the sublingual artery. This method is also preferable for those seeking a discreet way to consume cannabis, without the odor created by smoking or vaping. 


Why tinctures? Budget friendly 

Our Michigan marijuana tinctures are highly potent and are cost effective when compared to other cannabis products. There are about 100 drops of tincture in a bottle that costs about $40. If you take 2-3 drops per dose,  that is a buck per dose! You can’t beat that price when compared to the average cost of edibles, pre-rolls, or other cannabis products.


Why tinctures? Diet friendly

Another added benefit is that tinctures are low in calories —a great solution if you are actively managing your weight. The average tincture made with 140 proof alcohol contains about 7 Calories per mL, whereas most baked goods have between 100-200 Calories per serving. Tinctures are intended to give consumers a sugar-free, gluten-free, inhalation-free cannabis experience.