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Discovering and buying cannabis from New Standard is almost as fun as enjoying it.

OK, fine. Not quite. But almost. We’ve created a fresh, vibrant and inclusive atmosphere for our customers. With knowledge, quality and care as our foundation, we continue to build a contemporary Michigan-based community for cannabis and cultivation and appreciation. We’re raising awareness and the bar, elevating expectations for integrity of product and service.

At New Standard, we are all about cannabis, proud to be part of the emerging culture and determined to champion education, research and acceptance. Believing in inclusivity, impartiality and the best interests of our customers, we look forward to contributing to better understanding, appreciation and availability of cannabis.

We’re raising the bar of cannabis culture in Michigan. With a comprehensive selection of locally-grown flower, edibles, waxes, vapes, pre-rolls, a relaxed vibe and knowledgeable staff, we got you. Our unique and elevated cannabis experience all started in Hazel Park, our flagship store in Metro Detroit. Since then we’ve expanded to share our vibrant community for cannabis curation and appreciation at a location near you.

Experience Focused
Our unique and uncompromising approach to providing a better all-around cannabis experience originated in Hazel Park. Our flagship store in Metro Detroit epitomizes the casual vibe, welcoming environment and modern comfort you’ll find at a growing number of New Standard locations across Michigan.

Diverse CBD & THC Strenghts
From incredible THC levels to CBD, our cannabis indicas, sativas and hybrids offer an abundance of delivery methods, terpenes and effects. We invite you to have a look, take your time and ask questions. We’re happy to share insight and provide guidance.

An in-store product display containing cannabis vape cartridges and flower arranged neatly in their packages
An in-store product display containing cannabis vape cartridges and flower arranged neatly in their packages

We stock the finest cannabis products from across our state.

Group of cannabis pre-rolls arranged on a minimalist backgroundAssorted cannabis edibles and gummies of various sizes and types on a sleek, modern table, High-quality cannabis flower buds displayed on a minimal background highlighting the vibrant green and orange huesVariety of cannabis tincture bottles with droppers on a sleek surfaceCannabis concentrate on a metal dab tool displayed on modern, clean background, highlighting various textures and colors of high-quality extracts

We’re raising the bar of cannabis culture in Michigan

From the highest quality locally-grown flower to CBD topicals to killer dab rigs, we source our collection from cultivators and brands who share our passion for quality and innovation. Explore our product range and see for yourself.

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