"A new standard for cannabis culture in Michigan"

Forbes, June 2020

Recreational Cannabis

New Standard offers expertly curated flower, edibles, concentrates, carts, topicals, and tinctures to recreational users over the age of 21. However you like to enjoy cannabis, we got you.

Premium Marijuana Remedies

We’re committed to helping our medical members experience the benefits of plant-based wellness. Our extensive and thoughtfully selected menu has the perfect cannabis product for your specific needs. All medical patients receive a 15% discount on all marijuana products.

A Cannabis Shopping Experience Like No Other

Visit us at New Standard and check out our thoughtfully curated collection of premium cannabis products, fun store environment and friendly knowledgeable staff. We offer a premium selection of flower, concentrates, edibles, vape oil, and other marijuana products, and also provide home delivery services.

New Standard is on a mission to change the cannabis experience, inviting everyone from the novice to the cannabis connoisseur to take part in the best that Michigan’s marijuana industry has to offer. Whether you are looking to get a lift or to take a load off, we got you."

Important Update

Effective October 20, 2020, we can no longer accept expired medical cards or identification cards as directed by the Marijuana Regulatory Agency bulletin. Guests with expired IDs are encouraged to log on to the Secretary of State at 8 A.M. each morning for a greater chance at scheduling an appointment. Guests with expired medical cards are encouraged to visit samedaycard.com for renewal.